Prayas (Energy Group) Values

The vision or dream of PEG is that energy becomes a tool for sustainable and equitable development for all citizens. To realize this vision, PEG works on a Public Interest Paradigm of Energy for Development. Much of the conventional energy sector discourse focuses on financial viability and economic growth while neglecting institutions, governance, equity and sustainability. This situation is further exacerbated by the distortions caused by the influence of powerful vested interests and neglect of inter-sectoral linkages.

In this context, PEG works to protect and promote public interest in the energy sector. This implies focusing on the interests of the disadvantaged sections and the long-term social and environmental interests of society. It also involves taking an integrated and comprehensive view of the sector including its linkages with related sectors such as water and environment. Working on this paradigm places a balanced emphasis on economy, efficiency, equity and sustainability. It also gives due importance to democratization of governance and decision making processes.

Organizational values

As an organization, PEG has an open, democratic style of functioning with most key decisions taken in a collective fashion. PEG is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based on gender, religion, caste, age or any other basis. PEG is particular about avoiding any potential conflict of interest, and hence consciously refrains from taking up commercial consultancy assignments or accepting funding from corporate houses.