Shantanu Dixit

shantanuName: Shantanu Dixit
Designation: Group Coordinator, Prayas (Energy Group)
Description: Shantanu Dixit has been working in the power sector in the area of analysis and advocacy from 1992. He has worked on a range of power sector related issues from techno-economic, legal and broader public interest perspective. His past work includes analysis of power purchase agreements, energy efficiency / DSM, renewable energy, integrated resource plan (IRP) for the state of Maharashtra, agricultural power consumption and subsidy. Currently he is working on the issues relating to electricity sector restructuring and regulation. On behalf of PEG he leads regulatory interventions in Maharashtra state. He also represents PEG in the electricity governance initiative, which works with several organizations around the world to promote good governance in the electricity sector.
Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the university of Pune
Masters degree in Business administration (MBA) from the university of Pune