Girish Sant (1966 - 2012)

girishName: Girish Sant (1966 - 2012)
Designation: Co-founder, Prayas
Description: Girish was a co-founder of Prayas and the coordinator of the Energy Group, until his untimely demise in Feb 2012. His firm belief that professional skills should be used to address pressing social questions led him, along with his doctor and engineer friends, to start ‘Prayas' in 1994. His work in power sector in the area of analysis and advocacy dates back to 1987. His other areas of work included developing and promoting alternate power planning, policy, governance and people centric analysis of high cost power projects. He was actively involved in regulatory and policy interventions, advocacy and training. He was a part of several committees of the state and central ministries and the planning commission and he was also actively contributing to the national and international debate on energy policy and regulation, in the light of climate change. Before founding Prayas, Girish worked in the areas of industrial and agricultural energy efficiency, evaluation of renewable energy technologies and research on energy impacts of urbanization.
Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1986
Masters degree in energy systems from IIT Bombay in 1988