Prayas (Energy Group) Approach

In order to realize its vision of energy becoming a tool for sustainable and equitable development for all, we strive towards the following broad goals : 

  1. Universal access and better quality of service of modern and affordable energy for enhancing livelihoods and decent quality of life
  2. Security of sustainable energy supply to meet effective demand in a socially and environmentally responsible manner
  3. Democratization of governance of the energy sector through increased transparency, public participation (particularly of marginalized sections of society), accountability of institutions and enhanced capacity of institutions as well as civil society.

In order to pursue these goals, PEG employs the following broad strategies:

  • Developing analytically sound and innovative policies appropriate to the Indian context and working towards their adoption and effective implementation
  • Making the Government and other sector actors more accountable
  • Discourse building and knowledge sharing to create broader awareness and consensus

To accomplish its objectives, PEG undertakes the following kinds of activities.

  • Analysis and knowledge building
  • Innovation
  • Capacity and discourse building
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Policy and regulatory engagement based on our research

Typically, the activities and roles performed by PEG result in outputs such as analytical papers and reports; regulatory petitions and submissions; policy briefs or discussion papers; media articles or quotes; discourse building events such as conferences, roundtables or workshops; educational material and training workshops; interactions and discussions with key officials; and data banks, models and tools. All reports, databases and tools produced by PEG are publicly available.