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The Indian renewable energy sector has been in an extremely dynamic phase of evolution in the last few years, especially with regard to capacity addition and prices. India has set itself an ambitious renewable energy target of 175 GW by 2022. In spite of the several social, economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, such a high target has profound implications and can throw up myriad challenges for the Indian power sector, especially in the medium term. Hence it is very important for the electricity sector actors to objectively look at the growth of renewables. A lot of data is already available to understand the renewable energy sector, but more granular and comprehensive up-to-date data, publicly accessible in a user friendly manner, can aid better understanding of the renewable energy evolution in the country.

This Renewable Energy Data Portal is Prayas (Energy Group)'s effort to collate important data which is already available in the public domain and organise it in a manner which makes it more amenable for easier public access. Another feature of this effort is the interactive nature of the data portal which allows users to personalize their interaction and compare data across their chosen years/states/segments etc. The resulting graphs can then be downloaded using the "Download" button at the bottom.

The portal was inaugurated by Mr. Anil Jain, Adviser (Energy), Niti Aayog on 1st December, 2016.

Note: Though Prayas (Energy Group) has taken several measures to ensure correctness of the data shown in the portal, we do not make any implicit or explicit claims about the accuracy of the same. We hope to improve this portal over time by periodically updating it when data becomes available in the public domain. We welcome contribution from all stakeholders to address any errors/data gaps as well as pointers to any new data which can be hosted on this portal.

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