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The vision or dream of PEG is that energy becomes a tool for sustainable and equitable development for all citizens. To realize this vision, PEG works on a Public Interest Paradigm of Energy for Development. Much of the conventional energy sector discourse focuses on financial viability and economic growth while neglecting institutions, governance, equity and sustainability. This situation is further exacerbated by the distortions caused by the influence of powerful vested interests and neglect of inter-sectoral linkages. 

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Our Approach

In order to realize its vision of energy becoming a tool for sustainable and equitable development for all, we strive towards the following broad goals:

  1. Universal access and better quality of service of modern and affordable energy for enhancing livelihoods and decent quality of life.
  2. Security of sustainable energy supply to meet effective demand in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  3. Democratization of governance of the energy sector through increased transparency, public participation (particularly of marginalized sections of society), accountability of institutions and enhanced capacity of institutions as well as civil society.

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Monitoring and Analysis of Residential Electricity Consumption (eMARC)
eMARC provides insights on electricity consumption in Indian homes from a selected sample
of households and appliances.This data is recorded by advanced IoT metering systems.
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Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities (RATE) model for Andhra Pradesh

Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities (RATE) is a spread-sheet based utility financial model developed by Prayas (Energy Group), Pune. The objective of the RATE model is to help policy makers, consumer groups and researchers get a better understanding of the order of magnitude impacts of various possible changes and their policy responses in the face of uncertainty.
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Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI)

ESMI provides evidence based feedback about the actual electricity supply quality - voltage and interruptions - experienced by consumers, through advanced data loggers deployed in urban and rural areas across the country. Visit ESMI portal at