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Youth in Transition


Youth in Transition: A life course study of trajectories of safer sex behaviours in young unmarried youth from urban area in Pune, Maharashtra.

What is this research about?

Love, relationships and sexuality are an integral part of an individual’s existence. Some people choose to get into relationships, fall in love, some people choose not to. We live in a diverse society, with people of all genders, sexual inclinations and preferences, a matter of one’s personal choice. To be able to exercise choices is very pleasant, albeit with certain health risks involved with some of them. And yet, we talk so little about these choices, especially from a health needs’ point of view. For young unmarried people it is even more difficult to find appropriate space to talk about these issues. In order to design appropriate intervention to address sexual health needs of young people it is first important to understand how the relationships or sexual behaviors evolve from adolescence to adulthood among unmarried youth? Are there any health risks? Whether the youth has abilities to deal with the risks?

On this backdrop, in this study, we want to understand how the relationships of unmarried youth start and progress. We also want to understand whether these transitions have any relation with person’s education, career, migration, psychological health status, addictions etc.

How this research would be conducted?

 A one-time personal interview of up to 1.5 to 2 hours in duration will be conducted with the person eligible and willing to participate in the study. The interview will be conducted with utmost sensitivity and complete confidentiality. During the interview, participant will be asked to recall information about significant events in their life pertaining to their education, careers, migration, relationships, substance use, mental health, etc.

Who can participate in the research?

If you are

  1. Unmarried
  2. Between 20-29 years age
  3. Currently residing/studying/working in Pune for more than last 6 months and
  4. At least studied till 12th or has done any diploma of 2 years after 10th standard.

Recruitment for this research study has been completed in first week of January


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